About Us

Odyssey Nail Systems (ONS)

Founded in 1999, Trang Nguyen and Van Luu from humble beginnings has build what ONS is now known as a nail business empire consisting of manufacturing plants and various distribution companies. Headquartered in Texas, USA, it has regional operations across USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, SEA & Australia. In addition, ONS also runs a leading nail education network across the globe and is well respected with its innovative educational courses as well as global nail competitions under its belt.

Trang Nguyen
Co-Founder & COO

Trang Nguyen

With more than 24 years of professional nail experience in retail, competitions and education, Trang Nguyen is an artist, innovator, and a world-renowned leader in the nail industry. A master in his craft, he is an inspiration to those who aspires for high achievement in the industry of nail artistry. He has been awarded over 300 trophies in the nail arena including four world Championship titles, Top of the Universe Champion, two Grand Master Championships and U.S National Championship and at one point he was ranked the #1 USA national competitor.

Trang then went on to capture three consecutive National Grand Champion awards in Australia. Focused on expanding his training program, he set out to share his knowledge with a wider audience. In 1994, Trang moved to Orlando, Florida where he saw great potential; a chance to elevate the local nail industry to new heights. In 1999, seeking to raise aesthetic and educational standards in the industry, he took his commitment to another level. Having already spent most of his career accelerating the evolution of nail art, Trang went on to develop technically advanced superior product line known as the Odyssey Nail Systems (ONS). The knowledge Mr. Nguyen has acquired through years of competition and the benefits of his experience as a world class instructor are now available to those who want the best in tool design, product quality, and technological innovation. With ONS, Trang is realizing his dream of helping nail professionals create outstanding results faster and more efficient than ever before.

Mission Statement

Develop best products that are user friendly & exceed in performance

To empower nail enthusiast around the world to be successful

To provide professional nail educational opportunities

Brand Story

In 1991, Nguyen, along with his wife Van Luu, moved from California to Orlando, Florida and opened his own nail salon where he pioneered the salon use of the pink and white acrylic backfill method, which became a customer favorite. To face growing demand, Nguyen sought to expand his salon but faced difficulty finding skilled technicians as his unique technique was not commonplace among nail technicians in the United States and many nail artists did not have adequate training. Because he always had a stern belief in nail education and artistry, Nguyen addressed his dilemma by opening his first cosmetology school in Orlando, Florida in 1993. The cosmetology school was very successful and produced highly skilled technicians and nail artist. As a result, Nguyen later opened ten successful salons with highly skilled nail technicians. Due to his success, Nguyen formed Team ONS with the nail artist he trained and began competing in and winning nail competitions both in the United States and all around the world. In 1999, with his love and passion for the nail industry, Nguyen decided to design and launch his own nail product line under his newly formed company Odyssey Nail Systems, Inc. (ONS). Shortly, it transitioned to an 10,000 square-foot filing facility and manufacturing warehouse in Orlando, FL. Based on thorough research and Nguyen’s desire to be the best, the ONS nail product line soon became a huge success in the nail industry worldwide. At the start, ONS operated from a small office and school. Currently, ONS has 36 international distributors with six branches located in Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, and United States, which employed top ONS competitors and educators around the world. In 2009, Nguyen made the decision to move ONS from Florida to Houston, Texas and custom-build a 50,000 square-foot facility in the heart of Houston’s business district. In 2010, Nguyen completed construction of his new facility in Houston and began operations. The new ONS Headquarters includes a state-of-the-art training facility specially designed for training domestic and international nail artist.